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What is the matrix from which we should flee? Remember the movie trilogy? The Matrix? Ours is the power structure of the big military-industrial-pharmaceutical-agriculture-government complex, the matrix. Think about that. The big matrix is big and seeks to get bigger. It seeks to control the lives and decisions of each individual by forming individuals into groups and defining the acceptable actions of those groups. The big matrix is the very few controlling the very many through almost every facet of life and the experience thereof.

A matrix is not good or bad, it is merely a situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained. We are will be more benefited if we set up matrices that are not repressive to the individuals, but liberating, those that encourage the individual to express their talents and destiny. In this way, the individual is fulfilled by giving the greatest benefit to the group, but not through the force of government and a police state.

Ask yourself, "How do I fit into this matrix?" Do you realize how you are engaged into the Big Matrix? What do you want change about it? How do you want your matrix to be, to feel, to look from which your life emanates?

Not to distract you from this website, but there is an important thing to learn when you realize the injustices being perpetuated by the Matrix of Big where money and power is concentrated into the hands of few for control over the many. There are some websites and people to check out in your escape from the life-draining entanglements of the Matrix of Big:

A) Anna Von Reitz:
1)  www.unkommonlaw.co.uk and check out the resource centre for videos and audios of essential principles in small bites.

2) Karl's website is not as clean, and seems to be transitioning at the time of this posting, but it may have useful info when you look at it: www.broadmind.org there are now some good documents and audio links here.

3) For live calls on TalkShoe.com check out Karl's various program on Saturdays, Thursdays and so on: 
www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=127469 and download shows immediately so that if they get taken away you can still review them....

B) sui juris -- law according to i https://suijuris.me and www.facebook.com/suijuris.me and for lots of talk and info in categories:  

C) Angela on MyPrivateAudio.com is a info hub, with a load of great info for many different applications regarding the Matrix of Big, some of the info from the variety of speakers is in conflict with what is presented by others.

D) Privatis
--One which is a cross between sui juris and legal codes, and still is being considered as whether or not it is a good mix of action to take: privatis.me  but, there are some very good links and info about the foundations of info about birth certificates and more.

E) FreedomForceInternational.org is founded by G. Edward Griffin and just had their first real kick-off meeting on Dec 13th, 2014 even though the concept has been embodied in a website since around 2006. Note the 5 essays entitled The Future is Calling. This will introduce you to the core beliefs of Freedom Force.

F) RealityZone.com is a news dispensing group that brings out info that is frequently skipped over in the major media sources.

Wake Up!  It is about the money and power concentrated into the hands of very few!  Political parties, "News" and "Opinion" programs serve to condition you to stay in the Matrix, not to think past the limited little disputes put forth on the many media outlets, that are owned by very few people.  Beware, you & I are conditioned to perpetuate the Matrix--instead, break free from it!

2012 Nov 7th
The supposed election is over, but do you wonder how many votes were actually properly counted and represented in not only the presidential election, but the others, too?  I recently saw "Hacking Democracy" and was on www.WagTheDog247.com learning more about election/voting fraud.  We have a lot to do to secure the right to vote once again.  You may have gone to the polls, but what happened to your vote?  How can you validate that your vote did actually matter?  Electronic ballot counting machines can be programmed to "safely" rig an election.  The only way to validate the election is to count the ballots by hand in a way that is a real sample, not pre-selected ballot pulls.  This is a huge handicap to bring liberty back to the country.

If you are in a hurry go to 1:11:30 or so after viewing some of the first part (maybe 5 minutes).  At this later time you will see the test on the ballot counting machine:  Can someone covertly control the outcome of the election on not?  How can we know and use this info in the real world?

Here is a very good elucidation of the political ideologies that allow the puppeteers to control the system.  Most of this talk focuses on the lesser public manipulation of the politicians by the real power brokers.  Joel Skousen is a political scientist who has worked for years around this issue and learned from his famous uncle who made similar disclosures in his time.  He addresses the weaknesses in humans (who are politicians) that allow others to control them, giving rewards for their ambition, social status desires, and other neediness.

Think about the events and personalities you have observed and realize the hidden hand behind the cloak of apparent political power.  What power do you have?  Will you surrender to the manipulators or to the Master of the Universe and Truth, Integrity, Humility, Gratefulness, and Contentment?

Another issue addressed below is about spraying things in the air to manipulate the weather.  Below is more info and the first movie, What In The World Are They Spraying?, while here is the second movie in the 3-part series, Why In The World Are They Spraying?

May 2012

A very threatening means of control is the process of spraying aerosol particles in the skies of the US and the world.  The aerosols coming out from some of these airplanes are called a chemtrail.  It should be a contrail, condensation from just the water vapor of the hot exhaust from the jet engine.  Contrails last for a few seconds to maybe 20-30 minutes.  Chemtrails take a day or so to fall from the sky.  You can see the pattern of spraying in the form of lines, grids, and x formations fanning out into a cloud cover and turning our skies into a toxic haze. The chemicals from these chemtrails are poisoning our water and land.  They are causing fertility of soils to decrease, weakening or killing trees, plants and crops, as well as contributing human health problems.

Michael Murphy, the co-producer of the movie "What in the World Are They Spraying?" was here in Cincinnati on May 9th for a presentation and questions. Please view the movie and check out the other sites below. Also connect with us on May 24th to learn more, be active, alert others, be part of an organized effort to change this travesty and to let us know whether you can make it or not...

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