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This is a note to a medical doctor friend (2010 Nov 16):

It is interesting to me to see what is happening around the world in "health" education. Always remembering that these organizations get money from the Big Matrix people who want to continue their power, whether they are a large company or a large government. Those interests always seem to move in the direction of stripping rights and responsibilities from the individual and giving them to a centralized government to make food choices for the population. This control is ungodly. This is the part about government that is evil. The scriptures tell us (Isaiah 14 and Romans 6 for example) about the government springing from the Christ. That as man submits himself to the Message of the Gospel he will die to trying to fill a need in himself with food or other objects of lust (drugs, sex, relationships, political power, money, possessions, etc.), thus the government is upon the shoulders of the Christ.  

For us to say that a central organization of people will make these decisions of what people will eat and may eat is to replace the governance of Christ and the free will of people to choose, and to thus have a personal relationship with the Loving God through Christ. That central organization is incompetent in knowledge (they don't know everything), they are driven by some balance of money and power interests versus their (changing, sometimes growing) understanding of biological & chemical truths. If the central organization would not strip the rights and responsibilities of people to run their own lives, and to pay the price for their own ill management and ill choices, then the government would not become evil, but informative and an instrument of God, instead of against the Great Author of Freedom and Personal Relationship.

So, I wonder about the funding sources and the purpose of the information given. Most times that health info is given it promotes the acceptance of laws to restrict people from their own choices and promotes a centralization in health insurance and treatments of only one paradigm. It precludes that the current dogma on some health topic, like fats, is unchangeable, true, right and not influenced by money and power more than by understanding of health. Yet the overall issue of fat in foods is not true and right, thus, it must be changed and will only when the money and power interests are overpowered by Truth. Yes, making trans-fats is not good, but some trans-fats are naturally occurring and those are good! Ahh!  Our categories of "evil" don't work well! 

Similarly in understanding the role of bacterium. First the establishment said that Dr. Semmelweis was crazy to be talking about little unseen entities that would be brought from dead bodies to the living when doctors would go from autopsies to delivering babies without washing their hands. Semmelweis was actually locked up in an insane asylum, where he died. About 20 years later the establishment finally accepted the truth when Dr. Lister showed Dr. Semmelweis' results and basic teaching was true. Then we ushered in an era of trying to be sterile. That era is coming to an end. Life is not sterile. The genome project has showed us that we are intricately connected to bacteria and dependent for life, upon them. In fact 90-95% of the cells that you call "your body" is NOT HUMAN!  That 90-95% is actually bacteria! And most are necessary for you to live!

Beware ALL assemblies of humans will find it much easier to kill the bearer of a new message, than to fully listen to & consider the message!

Thus, how much innovation and learning may occur? If the power for research is centralized, not much "outside the paradigm" research can occur. The establishment is established upon what is accepted as truth. Their central truths are hard to knock out, because that would shake the foundation of the establishment. They don't allow a re-assessment or more comprehensive perspective.  A current point in this need to re-assess the truth is regarding the role and functions of bacteria and human health.

Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz and many others practicing the Primal Diet, Paleolithic Diet, traditional Inuit and Native American diets and other raw meat, raw blood, raw egg, raw milk consuming diets run directly contrary to the current doctrine held and enforced by so-called departments or ministries of health in the governments around the world. These departments make rules and regulations that penalize those who spread the word of health that is experienced by consuming these taboo foods. These departments serve to protect the establishment and not further understanding of our world and our place in it and our connection to it.

Can you see the closed minds with a belief system that does not allow in new observation? No science from the so-called scientists? 
A refusal of science from the establishment....

Listen to the statements of disgust from the doctors who are part of a culture that does not recognize the health benefits of diets of other cultures. They are totally discounting the experience of a man who has been eating raw meats, eggs, and milk and traveling the world for almost 40 years telling others how to do the same. This is not science nor is it a good health program when the biases are not even recognized.

Beware ALL assemblies of humans will find it much easier to kill the bearer of a new message, than to fully listen to & consider the message! Are you human? Oops! I am! And I have found myself on the undesirable side of this sociological dilemma. 

Republicrats and Demlocans 

An email I sent to a friend on August 5, 2010

Hey Ellen,

I was just reading your Salon update and decided to write my response instead of just thinking it.  The problem is the more I wrote, the more I wanted to write.  But, I didn't budget the time for this!  AH!     Anyway, I hope that the thoughts are tied together properly, forgive the lack of clarity, perhaps more so at the end.  I would really like to delve into the matrix idea more and develop it more than what I have at FleeTheMatrix.com ...

Ellen said:  the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats:  The Republicans (GOP) think we should contain government, and that a lot of the problems we have could be reduced by cutting back government powers and programs.  They feel safer with the business sector and want it more unregulated.  The Democrats believe that we cannot trust the business sector; after all, it is in business to make money not to protect us or look out for our interests.  Business must be regulated so that it doesn’t abuse us, as for instance the health insurance industry has badly abused us, taking our premium dollars and finding every way they can to deny us the coverage we need.  I like freedom of all kinds, but I recognize that business, especially Giant Corporations can abuse us people, and our ally is the government.  After all, I can vote for the government.  The government is us.  I sure can’t vote for the board of trustees of Wal-Mart!  (any comments to this?)

Michael's response:

Yes, you confuse the issue, Ellen, when you say that government is your ally against big business.  Government is one of the biggest businesses.  Government workers manipulate regulations to curb competition for big business and then go work for the big businesses that they curried favor with during their days of so-called "public service".  Case in point is a man who has completed that cycle twice.  A man who brings dishonor to my name, because he shares it, fortunately his middle name begins to distinguish him from me.  Michael R. Taylor, liaison of the Big Matrix, with its centralized power, has gone from a regulating body of big government, the FDA, to the big centralized business Mon-Satan (oh, I mean Monsanto) in the fashion at the end of this email (here).

Big Matrix Distraction Tactics

An August, 2011 example, but please read below:

To pit Democrats against Republicans is to stay within the confines of the Big Matrix.  They both are quite the same and useful to the Big Matrix for the purposes of distraction from the truth of what the Big Matrix Makers are doing.  They set us up to fight that other party!  Argue against that other party!  Look at those bad guys that disagree with your view!  Oh, don't let them get into power!

No, we need to look at the puppeteers. The politicians of either party are targets of the Big Matrix seduction. Most (99%??) cave in and intimately connect their life support system to the Big Matrix... This matrix is a mindset. There is another option, the Local Matrix. Both are bigger than any one person or party. The Local Matrix endorses Personal Individual Responsibility and Liberty. This Local Matrix is one that does not irrevocably tie people together into a central command of a few elite leaders, but opens each individual up to the acceptance of their peers for the purposes of business, food production, farming, building, creating, socialization, etc.

This Local Matrix is more concurrent with the American Dream, and really the dream of all people who have tasted freedom. It demands personal responsibility of its participants. By this demand, it assures the self-correcting mechanisms for which people seek when they go for the idea of Big Government with all of the good and appealing goals.

Michael R. Taylor's Life Cycle in the Big Matrix:

Big Gov't:  In 1976, after passing the bar examination, Taylor became a staff attorney for the FDA, where he was executive assistant to the Commissioner.  (Pretty influential, eh?)

Big Business:  In 1981 he went into private practice at King & Spalding, a law firm representing the biotechnology company Monsanto, where he established and led the firm's "food and drug law" practice.  (Wow, seems like a good public servant, really getting involved in the private sector!  Keep them honest and protect the people, eh?)

Big Gov't: On July 17, 1991, Michael R Taylor left King & Spalding, returning to the FDA to fill the newly created post of Deputy Commissioner for Policy.  (Policy?  This is like how the public servant will spend the tax dollars of the public and influence the private sector, of course ALL FOR THE GOOD of the public, right? Ha ha all the way to the bank!)

Big Gov't:  Between 1994 and 1996 he moved to the USDA, where he was Administrator of the Food Safety & Inspection Service.

Big Business:  briefly returning to King & Spalding

Big Business:  then returned to Monsanto to become Vice President for Public Policy

Big Matrix activities serve to perpetuate the Big Matrix beliefs of crushing the independent guys with regulations requiring huge capital to enter business. With only political science and law degrees, he became professor at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine[ref] and in 2007 he became a Research Professor of Health Policy at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services (must be a really healthy guy, eh? or is the word "WEALTHY"?  How about Big Matrix connected guy...)

Big Gov't: On July 7, 2009, Taylor once again returned to Big Government as "senior advisor" to the FDA Commissioner [ref]. Big Matrix Taylor’s re-appointment to the FDA came just after Obama and the other G-8 leaders pledged $20 billion to fight hunger in Africa over the next three years.  And why hunger?  How does the Big Matrix Michael R. Taylor's experience relate to hunger solutions?  Well, come on, he is intricately related to setting up the Big Matrix policies for crushing independent, seed-collecting farmers, for the Mon-Satan round-up ready, seeds that farmers must buy every year for Mon-Satan to achieve its goal of OWNING the world's seeds and food production capacity! (Now that is BIG!)

By no means is Monsanto alone in this aggressive goal to crush the world population under its feet for the purposes of controlling (and maybe culling—Surely not!!) Also, just as the Big Matrix does not express itself through one company, it also can afford to lose a company or several companies that the world population would somehow come against in a focused enough fashion to destroy any company deemed destructive like Monsanto.

Much more info about how Big Matrix operates with YOUR money and how we can undo these travesties can be found online, in recent movies, and even from a local non-compliant farmer who believes in small-scale, diversified farming.

Peace 2U,

Michael H Taylor


On the web see:

The Weston A. Price Foundation at www.WestonAPrice.org

The Ohio Ecological Food & Farming Association at www.OEFFA.org

NaturalNews Insider Alert at www.NaturalNews.com

and many more....

On Film see:

The Future of Food

Food, Inc.


King Corn

The World According to Monsanto


and many more....

A Great Link to lots of videos from a Townhall Meeting on Oct. 19th--the videos are divided into the responses to specific questions from a group that is not telling you which way to vote.  I think that from learning from their information, and understanding the mindset and attitudes of the people who would be on this proposed agriculture board, it is obvious to those interested in liberating small farmers to pursue means of farming that produce more nutrient dense foods that a vote of "NO" to Issue 2 is the better way to achieve this goal of health.

I will post an email here that was a response to my sending out the below video on Issue 2:

Michael, we are a small farm, egg production, as you know– and we have eggs for sale, by the way :o)).

We are undecided on issue 2. I’m not convinced this is “Big Ag” pushing out we little guys. Matter of fact, we intend to get on the Ag Standards Board and our understanding is that Big Ag will be sparsely represented on that board. We belong to the Ohio Farm Bureau and they are promoting issue 2. How can that be if Big Ag is driving it? The Farm Bureau is more geared to people like us, I can vouch for that.

You need to back up what you’re saying with facts – show us where Big Ag is so heavily entrenched in promoting this.


Jeff & Tina

My response, after getting eggs.  They have free-range, no-antibiotic, healthy chickens.


I wrote this quickly on Sunday morning, I hope that it makes sense--gotta run, forgive the places of run-on or redundancy or incomplete thoughts.

You may know, I have many other things to do-- but, I am glad to talk to you about the Farm Bureau and other farm-involved organizations.  In my last 6 years of being involved in farming methods I have not seen the Farm Bureau supporting the things that would make farming better.  It would really great to carry on a chat with you about these things.  Here is a start of a quick response to the rest of your email, the email that I didn't read the rest of until last night when I was tired!  Sorry, I just saw that you had eggs and apparently didn't continue to read, but moved on that while I was doing some other things Friday evening. 

Perhaps you are very involved with the Farm Bureau?  I invite you to look through and respond to the points that I bring up below and please instruct me as to how my view of the influence of the Farm Bureau should be shaped, as it is rather vague compared to yours.  Where my views in farming are very strong springs from my 33 years of concern about nutrition and health and more from the 22 years of doing natural health consulting.  

My experience as a natural health consultant has evolved and matured from an almost raw vegan approach (but including egg yolks, honey, & butter, & maybe something else).  But, as I learned about the non-conventional ways to feed animals & produce milk, meat, eggs, etc. that boast a nutrient dense product I began to open up my mind to how those foods could help me to experience a higher level of health.  I now buy most of my food from farmers, not from the grocery store.  The grocery stores rarely have food that I would want to buy, i.e. nutrient dense foods.  My diet is also no longer vegetarian, but consists of raw meat, raw eggs, and raw cultured milk every day and I am healthier than when almost a vegan.  Nutrient density is my primary requirement for food, but it so hard to get.

I have learned from the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA), Acres USA, the Weston A Price Foundation, GrassFarmer magazine, and farmers who are making their farms MORE fertile & productive by methods that actually serve to reduce or totally eliminate the money the pay to Big Ag--Monsanto, Cargil, ADM, etc.  As does disease, farmer debt & loss, these companies dominate the agricultural landscape of more than just America and these companies play a large role in the loss of life, happiness, finances, and farms around the world.  

But, perhaps I am wrong about the Farm Bureau.  Maybe they don't promote the use of the products from Big Ag.  Please show me how they:

1) Promote farming in a way that produces nutrient dense foods, educate farmers and consumers about nutrient dense foods.

2) Explain why nutrient density has decreased dramatically over the past 70 years of their influence, and how this is related to the poor taste and flavor of foods in the vast groceries across America and the surprise that foreigners express when experiencing the sensory foreplay of titillating grocery displays and dramatic taste and nutrient let down of the fresh foods when they are eaten.

3) Explain how Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) & monoculture crop systems put the farmer into a position of great debt and significant liability to disease problems and heavy reliance upon chemical pesticides & fertilizers (ha ha, what an oxymoron!), genetically altered organisms, heavy bureaucratic regulatory organizations, and other factors that take the farmer away from orchestrating the ecological systems on the farm to produce a high quality product with a desirable financial reward.

4) Promote complimentary ecological systems that produce profit, while & because of producing nutrient dense animal and plant food products, without the addition of toxic, soil reducing or damaging chemicals ("conventional" fertilizers which will increase non-GMO plant growth for a time, but rob the soil of fertility and the produce of nutrient density).

5) Discourage the use of genetically modified organisms and show how it is actually more profitable to grow using methods that increase the fertility of the land, the profitability of farming, and the reduction of subsidies from the growing government programs.  A great example is the farmer in my video, but there are many others, too.

6) Encourage the independence of farmers from Big Ag, and the restoration of small farms across the country -- like by publicizing farmers who are "off the grid" of Big Ag, not using fertilizers, not using genetically modified organisms, but using methods that produce greater fertility of their land, and seeds that yield flavorful nutrient dense foods.

7) Explain the loss of small farms over the last 40 years and the purpose of intense measures to force farmers to "Get Big or Get Out".

8) Take action for the small farmer in exempting the small farmer from the regulations that are made for Big Ag operators.  These regulations are necessary to Big Ag operators to produce a product that will not immediately cause death in the consumer ("food borne illness" from unsanitary handling, from live animals to processing facilities to cooking recommendations) and do not apply and are totally unnecessary to the small farmer because of the very essence of care and personal responsibility that is manifested in the different ways that the small farmer runs his/her operation.  Additionally, some of these regulations are burdensome to the breaking point for small producers, forcing them into great debt or out of business. 

9) Promotes small farms as being a supply for local consumers to stop by even daily as a large source of their food supply.

10) Promote the development and preservation of a variety of small farms as development gobbles up more and more sources of a potential local food supply.

Peace 2U,
Michael Taylor

Issue 2
On Nov 3rd, 2009 we in Ohio have a couple of important issues to vote "NO" on, Issue 2 and Issue 3.

Issue 2 is about more regulation and bureaucracy and Issue 3 about gambling controlled by 2 or 3 people.  Both are constitutional amendments and are being promoted in a deceptive way.  The detractors are not really bringing out the simple points of how to accomplish the stated goals properly.

Have you heard about how good for the small farmer Issue 2 in Ohio will be? Yeah, “safe, local food and to help the small farmer!” That's what they say, even ever so slyly in the dangerous Constitutional Amendment itself! But I fear that Issue 2 will have the opposite effect. Here's why:


--Follow the Money! Big Ag is paying for this and did a quick job on our state legislators to get this on the ballot.


--Issue 2 is a change in the State Constitution, which is the wrong way to proceed, it takes power from the people, very bad, if our fears are correct and tyranny is dictated.


--Issue 2 would create a Livestock Care Standards Board, stacked with Big Ag and factory farm supporters, with sweeping authority to make decisions related to farms and food in Ohio that would have the force of law—but no accountability to voters. The Board would have largely unchecked power to override any act by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Assembly.


--Issue 2's Livestock Care Standards Board can be a great aid to Big Ag in their grab for more small farms by increasing the cost of farming outside the box that they define with the full force and penalty of law. One way that this can happen is through the enforcement of NAIS—The National Animal Identification System. A very costly and unnecessary means of tracking disease problems from our food supply. The problem is that the uneconomical, unnatural and unhealthy means of Big Ag is what brings about a higher incidence of these food borne disease problems. Healthy small farm practices does not. Therefore there is no need for a tracking chip in each animal that is free to roam the small farm.


--Issue 2 is really about the economic interests of large corporations and their factory farms, opening the door for the proliferation of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in Ohio.


--Issue 2 emphasizes the need of the livestock industry to provide “affordable food,” yet ignores its hidden costs, including environmental contamination, human health impacts, and the loss of ru ral communities through the stench of living next to a factory farm.


You can learn more about this Issue, health, Restorative Agriculture, and other aspects of freedom at FleeTheMartix.com.


The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association has been Ohio's voice for sustainable agriculture and local, organic foods for more than 30 years. We represent farmers, ranchers, gardeners, and conscientious eaters who value the importance of livestock in sustainable agricultural production systems and in providing prosperity for Ohio’s farm families.


Restorative Agriculture is about bringing agriculture to its proper place in our society and our lives. What is the major purpose of agriculture? Eating! The human body does not break down or fail for more than 100 years when properly fueled. Actually recovery that most would call miraculous occur when you feed your body with Real Food—nutrient dense foods. Many people are experiencing the recovery of their health by eating nutrient dense foods from diligent intentional small farmers. 


More people should experience the good fortune of departure from the dependence upon drug remedies for their health woes from childhood behavior problems to diabetes, cancers, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, and everything else that keeps us from optimal healthy function and repair of our earthsuits. We can do this only with local agriculture done in the healthiest of ways. This will also restore economic vitality. Restorative Agriculture is about restoring the life and nutrients to the soil; using diverse ecological systems to bring the balance of life to the farm, without harmful chemicals; connecting with the local community to provide Nutrient Dense Fresh Foods in a natural seasonal cycle; and rewarding the farmer financially so that farming is a desirable, sustaining and fulfilling occupation. We can combine our technological advances and knowledge from previous successful farmers in a way that propels us into an exciting development of better life for all, a cleaner environment as we learn to better harness the forces of nature and ride lightly upon them. (have the part about Joel talking down GMOs)




Four issues re Issue 2:


 I. The change of the state constitution is the highest & most long lasting of governmental actions that the state can do.  It is the hardest action to be changed because the ways it can be repealed.

 II. When the state grants special regulating power or power to conduct business to a small group of people it binds all other people to conform to this decision, no matter what is latter learned.

 A. For Issue 3, this gives only the few people that are promoting this constitutional change together, the right to set up casinos.  If we are going to do casinos, let anyone who can build one be able to do it without taking the tax benefits away, as does this gig.  It is a really sweet monopoly for the guys who are being given the right to build the four casinos.

 B. For Issue 2 this means that if farmers & concerned consumers learn that the Livestock Care Standards Board issues edicts that are undesirable, they have to change the constitution through extreme means and perhaps go out of state to do business, if that option is available. An likely example is the board deciding that every cow in Ohio must have antibiotics or bovine growth hormone.  Another is the compliance with NAIS, which would require the healthiest of animals, those on the open pastures, to have a chip –each animal to have a chip and the farmer to pay a significant, deal-breaking daily fine for any unaccounted for chip. This is a great way to put small organic or non-CAFO farmer out of business. 

 III. The proponents say that they are doing this Issue 3 Constitutional change mostly to keep the Humane Society of the United States from making laws to stop people from eating meat.  This is untrue hype that even the state legislator on the townhall meeting admitted was just hype and false.  It is a ridiculous point anyway!  The vegetarians don't even have all the environmentalists in their boat, like Al Gore is a meat eater!  The hype springs from the way that animals are treated in Confinement.  Ohio has the least restrictive laws about confining animals.  The CAFOs do their best to keep consumers from knowing how animals are treated or raise before arriving for sale in the supermarket.  The part of this point is that subsidies may not apply to animals raised outside of the covert CAFO system, thereby reducing the availability of lower price, lower nutrition, but higher true cost meats.

 IV. The farmers against Issue 2 are generally small farmers who are outside of the box of Big Ag, meaning that they see the current state of affairs wherein Big Ag has gotten regulation through the legislatures of all states and Federal government to support the conventional way of factory or monoculture farming.  So pervasive is this reliance upon Big Ag products like Roundup Ready genetically altered seeds, Bovine Growth hormone, soil destroying so-called fertilizers, and high antibiotic feeds that most people in agriculture don't know how to farm.  They don't know how to balance ecological systems to eliminate the problems for which all these Big Ag products and hygiene regulations are made.  Those true farmers that have learned to do this are very limited in how to best farm, so much so that one wrote a book whose title sums up the situation, Everything I want to do is Illegal!

  1. 1) History


In November of 2008, Californians passed Proposition 2, the Standards for Confining Farm Animals,which requires by January 2015 that certain farm animals be confined only in ways that allow them to lie down, stand up, fully extend their limbs and turn around freely.  Florida, Arizona, Oregon and Colorado have passed similar legislation. 


Ohio currently has more than 200 CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations), and owners are trying to prevent Ohioans from limiting them in the future.  Issue 2 is a preemptive strike to keep the status quo and permit more factory farms.


Issue 2 emphasizes the need of the livestock industry to provide “affordable food,” yet ignores its hidden costs, including environmental contamination, human health impacts, and the loss of rural communities. Don't let Big Agribusiness get away with a power grab that would codify abusive practices through the state constitution. Please vote NO on Issue 2!


  1. 2) Constitutional Amendment


The Ohio constitution exists to establish the structure and rules of our government and define the rights of citizens. Its purpose is not to define the way a particular industry operates. Issue 2 is an inappropriate use of the Ohio constitution, and would set a dangerous precedent by creating a permanent place for special interests in the constitution.


Issue 2 would change the Ohio constitution to create a Livestock Care Standards Board, stacked with Big Ag and factory farm supporters. The board would have sweeping authority to make decisions related to farms and food in Ohio that would have the force of law. It would override any act by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Assembly, with no accountability to the voters. There would be no further review or evaluation of the standard, no established forum for public comment, and no ability to appeal its decisions without a new constitutional amendment.

Abusing the Ohio Constitution to include a Livestock Care Standards Board would set a dangerous precedent by creating a permanent place for special interests in the constitution.



  1. 3) Issue 2 protects the worst practices of factory farming


  1. ? Continued use of antibiotics and growth hormones, genetically engineered animals, cloned animals, NAIS (national animal identification system)

? Low doses of antibiotics are administered regularly to animals in a preemptive move to ward off the diseases bred by unnatural, unsanitary conditions. 

? In addition to preventive medicines, animals are fed hormones and antibiotics to promote faster growth. 

? Pens and cages restrict the natural behavior and movement of animals. In some cases, such as veal calves and mothering pigs, the animals can’t even turn around. 

? Metal buildings confine animals indoors, with minimal room for normal behaviors and little or no access to sunlight and fresh air. 

? In Ohio, tens of millions of egg-laying hens, veal calves, and breeding pigs are confined in crates and cages where they can barely move an inch, many of them unable even turn around or stretch their limbs. Six other states have passed laws to address this type of extreme confinement, but Ohio is lagging behind.

? Animals are mutilated to adapt them to factory farm conditions. This includes cutting off the beaks of chickens and turkeys (de-beaking), and amputating the tails of cows and pigs (docking). 

? Millions of newborn male chicks are systematically destroyed by suffocation, electrocution and being ground up alive at the hatchery, because male chicks do not lay eggs and are considered mere “hatchery debris” on the way to becoming pet food and farmed animal feed.

? Turkeys in commercial hatcheries undergo a series of painful amputations during their first three hours after breaking out of their shells. The newborn turkeys are dumped out of metal trays, jostled onto conveyer belts after being mechanically separated from cracked eggshells, then sorted, sexed, debeaked and detoed, all without anesthetic. Countless baby turkeys are “mangled from the machinery,” suffocated in plastic bags, and dumped into the “same disposal system as the discarded egg shells they were separated from hours earlier.

? Recent food safety issues, including e-coli breakouts and H1N1, are the result of confined animal feeding operations which are a breeding area for more and more resistant viruses and bacteria. 

? Excessive waste created by large concentrations of animals is handled in ways that can pollute air and water. 

? Man-made lagoons on industrial farms hold millions of gallons of liquid waste, from which contaminants can leach into groundwater. The manure is normally sprayed on crops, but often excessively, leading it to run off into surface waters. Nutrients and bacteria from waste contaminate waterways, killing fish and shellfish and disturbing aquatic ecosystems. 

? Industrially produced food appears to be inexpensive, but the price tag doesn’t reflect the actual costs that we taxpayers bear. 

a. Factory farms pollute communities and adversely affect public health, thereby increasing medical costs for those living near such farms—costs that are often shouldered by public budgets.

b. Taxpayers fund government subsidies, which go primarily to large industrial farms. 

c. Jobs are lost and wages driven down, as corporate consolidation bankrupts small businesses and factory farms pay unethically low wages for dangerous, undesirable work.

  1. 4) Pro & Con Groups

The ballot issue is heavily backed by groups representing major agribusiness interests andopens the door for the proliferation of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in Ohio. Supporters emphasize the need of the livestock industry to provide “affordable food,” yet ignore its hidden costs, including environmental contamination, human health impacts, and the loss of rural communities.

The Ohio Cattlemen's Association 

The Ohio Farm Bureau

The Ohio Pork Producers Council



The broad coalition of organizations opposing Issue 2 includes:

OEFFA - Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association


The Akron Beacon Journal

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Columbus Dispatch 

The Dayton Daily News

The Food and Water Watch

The Humane Society of Ohio 

The Humane Society of the United States

The League of Women Voters of Ohio

The Ohio Environmental Stewardship Alliance

The Ohio Farmers Union

The Ohio League of Humane Voters

The Ohio Sierra Club