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BenSwan.com has a lot of short videos that are great for info and thought process: 

Some Obama info in the form of a Bible story http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=dde_1374573750

2012 Dec 19 Camp FEMA the movie is informative, has diverse sources and ends with some ideas about what to do to turn the country back into a more peaceable, tolerant and safe place to live through trust and knowledge.

a) http://www.climatechangefacts.info/ClimateChangeDocuments/Position_On_%20Climate_Change.html from an IPCC chair and lead author, and

b) http://hub.webring.org/hub/globalwarmingexp?z=on&seq=1 with many other links and references.

c) Geo-Engineering is usually left out of the climate change conversation, but is much more powerful and immediate to effect climate change and is a targeted activity by man to change climate.  You will soon hear more about this, because they who do it want to get legislation to permit them to do it openly.  See http://www.whyintheworldaretheyspraying.com/ for a trailer and to buy the movie, or watch it now at: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEfJO0-cTis. The first in the series is What in The World Are They Spraying.

4) You are responsible for your political action, there are those who want to diminish your ability to stop them from advancing their cause.  This is the state of human history, the control of the masses, it is our history. How are you being manipulated and for what purposes? How is science or parts of science being used for these purposes?

2012, Sept.:
I just redesigned this page and changed the template--what do you think?  I did it now because I was talking to a few people about some of the financial and health challenges that we face in the modern Big Matrix of government in bed with Big Business under increasing centralization of control.   If you have a mortgage or know any one who does, read the next paragraph about what Lindsey Williams is saying in that first video.  My problem with many of those who tell what they learn about what is happening in our world with all kinds of conspiracies, especially true ones, is that they paint the picture so bleak that it makes we who hear about it to loose all hope of being able to subvert their great plan or to be able to escape or mitigate the effects of it.  I think that there are great lessons for us to learn about being assertive and about believing that God is our protector and Way-Maker to bring us to continuing growth into the character and nature of Christ (not necessarily to the life of ease of which we may dream).  

The Lindsey Williams interview is tremendously important for those who have mortgages, which will be taken over and sold to maintain the system until they are ready to collapse it. Have you read your mortgage agreement?  You could check out the fraud and secure your house at www.WhatLiesInYourDebt.com.  Lindsey Williams, a former pastor who, in the 1970's, got to work with and know several of the elite who set world policies through oil companies.  Since then he has at various times told what will happen with the economy, the price of oil and so on.  He has been very accurate and his elitist friends have been telling him that the end of the dollar as a world powerful currency is this year.   In this next interview he is telling the reasons that theUS dollar will go tremendously down in 2012.  Here is a link:  http://www.soundwaves2000.com/radio_liberty/  and specifically it is date: 03-22-2012 and hour 1 of that date.  And that is from Dr. Stan Monteith of http://www.radioliberty.com/ and there is background info there.  He is old--has 50 years of experience in the system as an MD and in government.

I have to get some things done, so here is a quick starter for you, some links referencing some of my concerns about what is happening in the world economy and in the "Babalonian System" of banking using the fractional reserve system.  I think that there may be a tremendous reworking of the fakery that we call our monetary system.  There are many "angles" of approach, whether it be from a strict monetary view, or with the mix of Christian Bible students, students of the various ancient cultures and their prophecies or calendars, New Age prognosticators and so on.

My concern for you is that you will go in among the ravenous wolfs and money addicts to work and get bigmoney, but maybe their pay day (judgement day) is coming in about a year.

The Videos:

The first to understand money, the 3.5 hour movie I told you about, the 1993 movie Money Masters:  http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-money-masters/ or see below for the embedded video.

an update:  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMDWxphwrCw on money reform....  this has a good, quick, synopsis, better explanations and update of the original movie.

A more entertaining and faster version of money, debt and history is the animated movie, The American Dream//www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGk5ioEXlIM

A quick summary of how things run in the modern Military Industrial complex was nailed in the 2-minuteGood Will Hunting piece:  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8rQNdBmPek&feature=related

Some things to read:

This is foundational to understand our times:  http://www.freedomforceinternational.org/  especially the five essays that he mentions at the bottom of the page, read those.

The first ever Fed Adit (the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE not government bank that has exclusive right to manipulate the money supply without congressional accountability): http://sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/news/?id=9e2a4ea8-6e73-4be2-a753-62060dcbb3c3  note the businesses that got the bailouts totaling $15 TRILLION

A Christian Bible scholar with a photographic memory who reads voraciously and usually does a daily blog:  http://www.gods-kingdom-ministries.org/weblog/weblog.cfm

The Central Banks being counted in GDP numbers and how that effects us negatively:  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/top-three-central-banks-account-25-developed-world-gdp

A list of current news articles:  http://www.zerohedge.com/

Insights to the real powers that be in control of the US and the world:  http://www.unelected.org/

Original Intent is a video about some of the ideas of the founders of the US.  They had spent many years discussing the concepts that they had read about in the historical writings of the governments of the past.  They argued about various governmental forms and policies, about the nature of man--especially when in power and how that effects the government--whether a king, dictatorship, a lord, or other permanent, unelected position and the wealth that goes with it or as an elected person who has to answer to the people and how the people could be evil when running as a herd.  These founders of the US were quite intelligent and thought about many concepts that we tend to "discover" through running into social problems that could have been anticipated by maturely considering the consequences of governmental policies.

Original Intent 1:  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHG-YaIVouU&feature=relmfu  note the definitions of government at 1 hour into it.  Interspersed throughout are interviews which represent what the person on the street understands about various concepts and terms like "social marxism", "facism" and others.  Also, at 1 hour and 20 minutes an important point brought up is that the American Revolution fomented when taxes and tariffs were quite low--around 2-3% on some items.  Representation was an issue, but the taxes now are tremendously higher and we now have the inflation tax from the fiat money system.  Also note the concept of "Bread and Circus" to distract and occupy the masses while the government manipulated them.

The American newsman "Bill Still on Money Reform":  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMDWxphwrCwthis is the video that is of the maker of the 3.5 hour "Money Masters" movie.  The beginning starts off with gold not being in Fort Knox and how he was directed to investigate these stories by some credible sources.  Around 7 or 8 minutes into it, it starts getting really good.  At 9 he explains debt money, but there needs to be more explanation about the proper creation of money.

 www.billstill.com has an interactive book that looks interesting...

The secret of OZ is perhaps the best:  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8qLkpA_PSs&feature=related and will be good background for your paper.  This gives the understanding of people from 1835 to 1920ish.  Check this out, there are a lot of people to reference and investigate further on any point.

The description on the YouTube video is:  Thirteen years ago, in a documentary called "The MoneyMasters", we asked the question why is America going broke. It wasn't clear then that we were, but it is today. Now the question is how can we get out of this mess. Foreclosures are everywhere, unemployment is skyrocketing - and this is only the beginning. America's economy is on a long, slippery slope from here on. The bubble ride of debt has come to an end.

What can government do? The sad answer is - under the current monetary system - nothing. It's not going to get better until the root of the problem is understood and addressed. There isn't enough stimulus moneyin the entire world to get us out of this hole.

Why? Debt. The national debt is just like our consumer debt - it's the interest that's killing us.

Though most people don't realize it the government can't just issue it's own money anymore. It used to be that way. The King could just issue stuff called money. Abraham Lincoln did it to win the Civil War.

No, today, in our crazy money system, the government has to borrow our money into existence and then pay interest on it. That's why they call it the National Debt. All our money is created out of debt. Politicians who focus on reducing the National Debt as an answer probably don't know what the National Debt really is. To reduce the National Debt would be to reduce our money - and there's already too little of that.

No, you have to go deeper. You have to get at the root of this problem or we're never going to fix this. The solution isn't new or radical. America used to do it. Politicians used to fight with big bankers over it. It's all in our history - now sadly - in the distant past.

But why can't we just do it again? Why can't we just issue our own money, debt free? That, my friends, is the answer. Talk about reform! That's the only reform that will make a huge difference to everyone's life - even worldwide.

The solution is the secret that's been hidden from us for just over 100 years - ever since the time when author L. Frank Baum wrote "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."

If you like this film, please support the makers by purchasing an official DVD, by spreading the word about the movie, by making a donation on their web page, or by other means available to you. Thank you!

More info at: http://www.secretofoz.com

Join the chat to end the FED and Restore the Republic at:http://www.paradox4u.com/chat

...here are some emails that I have sent out.  This is really long and cumbersome, I hope that your computer has enough cache and memory to load the whole thing without jumps and jerks....  I hope that you will get into this--it took me a couple of hours to pull it all together and hundreds more to read the sites and watch the videos...

Here are some sites that I would read if I were you:

This will give you probably the most balanced and godly approach:  http://www.freedomforceinternational.org/  read all of it and sign up for the newsletter.  Especially read the 5 essays linked at the bottom.  Look at the 20 minute video intro at the top of the page...  And check out the audio materials for a quick survey of topics:  http://www.realityzone.com/audioarchives.html

Also, when you can put up with Alex (he is too angry and of an angry spirit, frustrating his cause)  www.infowars.com and www.prisonplanet.tv for videos online.  Below are some of the videos that are on YouTube (I linked them to a Google search) and would be good to watch while doing something else:

A July 26th 2012 email to a friend:

I have found some info to think about money reform.  Gold and silver can be used to manipulate the money as brought out in the below videos.  I am still searching for the best reformation of money. Have you seen these videos on money:
Money as Debt 1  explains in a very simple and easy to understand way:

* How money is created and where it really comes from.
* How our money system works.
* How banks can loan such insane amounts of money.
* Why everyone is so heavily in debt.
* Why our money is worth less and less.
* Why asking interest over a loan is not a good idea.
* Why the stuff we buy gets crappier and needs to be replaced sooner.
* That modern banking is the biggest scam ever.
* How totally screwed we really are.

2) Money as Debt 2  

Paul Grignon's second presentation of "Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created. It is an entertaining way to get the message out. The Cowichan Citizens Coalition and its "Duncan Initiative" received high praise from those who previewed it. I recommend it as a painless but hard-hitting educational tool and encourage the widest distribution and use by all groups concerned with the present unsustainable monetary system in Canada, the United States and in whole Europe.

3) Money as Debt 3  

Ring Of Power, Empire Of The City, A third film called Money as Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money, released in 2011, presents Grignon's ideas on the possible formsmoney may take in the future.

4) The Secret of OZ  by Bill Still  This version finally cuts several bogus quotes which have festered in the monetary reform literature for decades. 
The world economy is doomed to spiral downwards until we do 2 things: outlaw government borrowing; 2. outlaw fractional reserve lending. Banks should only be allowed to lend out money they actually have and nations do not have to run up a "National Debt". Remember: It's not what backs the money, it's who controls its quantity.

5) The True History of the Banking Cartels and the Federal Reserve is tremendously comprehensive and full of info, some of which may be too much too have put into this whirlwind documentary that packs tons of info into 97 minutes.


The Fall of the Republic  

Police State has a lot of hits on this search, look at them, but there are 4? videos to watch from Alex Jones:  Police State, Police State II? ( I think), Police State III, and Police State 4

EndGame is a good one on the plans of the elite, like your boy Gingrich wants to be--I don't think that he is the elite...

The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube has a good 15:27 intro that starts when you pull it up (today on Jan 25th, 2012)

I am just discovering this one:

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined Full (Order it at Infowars.com)  This is a good summary--a good starter!

Some of the YouTube playlists that I have on my RealFoodRemedies YouTube Channel:

5)  What's Coming... //www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9844DC836EBA768F This is a good playlist, wow!

6)  Libertarian:  //www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL76357BA3566D25C6 This is good too, Sherif Mack and the 6th is The American Dream, a 30-min animated good summary of money...


This looks interesting and informative, but I just found it:  http://www.propagandamatrix.com/  today there is an article about your boy Gingrich and why he won't get the nomination.

This looks interesting --read the "about" page, the author is a former CIA operative.  http://americanbedu.com/2010/09/24/saudi-arabiaworld-rise-of-islam-fall-of-christianity/

The NDAA:  http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=28441